Zeiss Stratus III Optical Coherence Tomography
(OCT) machine

The first of these state-of-the-art diagnostic units to be used in Alberta was purchased by Dr. Uniat at a cost of $100,000. She ventured into this field prior to the Government of Alberta granting a fee-billing process for this diagnostic device, knowing that it would benefit both the overall standard of service provided by the clinic and, more importantly, the care and comfort of her patients.

Since the unit was purchased, Dr. Uniat has given numerous presentations on the effectiveness of the system to ophthalmologists and technicians in different parts of the country.

The key benefits of the OCT in helping diagnose retina problems are:

  • the provision of instantaneous readings of retina damage;
  • more detailed information for physician analysis;
  • optimum reliability and accuracy for making diagnoses;
  • testing of retina damage without patients needing eye-drops; and
  • real-time computer screen images to assist in doctor-patient treatment discussions.

OCT diagnostic scan


Pre-op macular hole
Roll your mouse over the image above to see post-op OCT scan